baltimore maryland murders

Baltimore maryland murders

Update: On January 3rd,Baltimore Police sent out a corrected total for the homicide tally, with an additional historical death that was ruled a homicide by the OCME on December 27, This story was updated baltimore maryland murders January 4 to reflect this change.

Mayor Brandon Scott hosts a vigil for the homicide victims of on Wednesday, Jan. A young boy holds a candle as he listens to the names of homicide victims read aloud during a vigil for the homicide victims of on Wednesday, Jan. Mayor Brandon Scott hosted the vigil. Several city employees hold candles while the names of the homicide victims are being read aloud during a vigil for the homicide victims of on Wednesday, Jan. A woman cries during a vigil for the homicide victims of on Wednesday, Jan. Donna Bruce holds her hand in her hands and cries during during a vigil for the homicide victims of on Wednesday, Jan.

Baltimore maryland murders

Each week here on Midday , it is our practice to read the names of the people who have lost their lives to violence in Baltimore City, and to post their names on this Web page. We do so to stand in witness to their untimely deaths, and to remember their families and friends in their hour of grief. We compile their names from researcher Ellen Worthing's blog site, chamspage ; from the Baltimore Sun ; and from the Baltimore City Police Department' s news-media listserve and its public Facebook page. Here are the homicide victims whose names have been released by the Baltimore City Police Department:. Dereck Jackson, age Tiffany Wilson, age Leonard Heath, age And Deyonte Davis. He was 4 years old. Curtis Berry, age

Andrew Johnson, age

A moving vigil for the people who lost their lives in Baltimore in Fandreia Bowman, the cousin of Aliyah Gonzalez who was murdered in the Brooklyn mass shooting, reads her name. About 25 people gathered at Roberta's House on North Avenue where loved ones read the names of victims one by one. The Mothers Of Murdered Sons and Daughters organization has been holding the vigil for years, and it never gets any easier. Daphne Alston, whose own son was murdered in , has been reading the names of those killed every New Year's Day for more than a decade. The year began with the murder of year-old D'Asia Garrison and included many young victims. Also, just weeks after graduating high school, year-old Aaliyah Gonzalez was killed in the mass shooting at Brooklyn Homes. Her cousin, Fandreia Bowman, read her name.

Hoffman Street. One victim's injuries are life threatening. His injuries are considered non-life threatening. There is no word on his condition. He is expected to survive. Potomac Street. Pratt and S. Linwood Streets.

Baltimore maryland murders

Fayette Street. Their condition is unknown. Stockton Street. His injuries are considered non-life-threatening. Police arrested and charged year-old Troy Barnes. Police have since arrested and charged year-old Mekhi Green. His condition is unknown at this time. There is no word on the victim's condition. Both are in critical condition. Ray Johnston, 23, has been arrested and charged for this incident.

Valorant crosshair

Dana Wilks, age And Shamyar Austin. Rickie Crenshaw, age James Glover the 3 rd , age Tiya Adeshola Otugo, age Devin Benton, age Despite the decrease, two recent community surveys show that many city residents have a negative view of the Baltimore City Police Department and question how effective the department is at solving and reducing crime. Demarris Johnson was shot in Stefan Carter, age His condition is unknown at this time. Antion Sprye, age And John Gillian. Wayne Martin, age Guy Thomas, age In October, city police revealed new information on efforts to reduce violent crime.

The following are the most recent homicides, ordered by time. Michael Chacon Nataren.

Myesha Cuffey, age And Dylan King. Delon Bushrod, age He was 12 years old. Play Live Radio. And Dakarai Baldwin. Leroy Jeter, III, age Christopher Foster, age Carl Gilmor, age In turn, prosecutors are charging more gun cases in federal court, where defendants often face harsher penalties, they said. Breaking down Baltimore's homicide numbers. Monti Peterson, age

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