bantam chickens for sale near me

Bantam chickens for sale near me

By jak November 12, in Farming in Thailand Forum. I would like about 5 hens. I had some chicks, which matured into 4 roosters and one hen!!!!!!!

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Bantam chickens for sale near me

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Thank You. Shipping cost is the same flat rate no matter how many chicks you order. Feather Lover Farms is proud to be the first baby chick hatchery that we know of to offer day-old Malaysian Serama chicks for sale that ship safely to your local Post Office! Our adult breeding stock consist of hand selected Malaysian Seramas from show winning blood lines and they come in the highly sought after 3 small sizes. Micro, Type A and Type B size breeding chart. Though our adult stock was mostly hand selected for show quality stock, we can not guarantee the chicks you receive will turn out to be show quality like many of their parents. Seramas are by far one of the most gorgeous chickens on the planet and their chicks are "TINY" and so adorable. They are the smallest recognized chicken breed on the planet. We have been acquiring unrelated adult Serama chickens from only premier exhibition show quality stock, with many of our adult Serama breeders being actual direct offspring from show winning Seramas.

Bantam chickens for sale near me

We will include as many breeds as possible in this bantam assortment. Click link for details: Vaccination Policy. I ordered x15 of the purebred bantam assortment and I received them two days after I was sent the email that they had shipped. They all arrived healthy and alive and I was sent 17 instead of 15 which was wonderful! I got a great assortment of different types of cute bantams both clean and feather footed. Some with muffs and some without. Overall, the variety and health of all the chicks was amazing and the shipping was fast and on time. I got a silver duck wing Phoenix in the past in one of these and that roo was the meanest thing ever!

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Register a new account. Shipping Free shipping. Mottle pekin hen. Sign In Now. Skip to site navigation Skip to main content. Pekin bantams. How many millions of baht does one need to retire in Pattaya? Modern Game Bantams. I am just too impatient and really don't want another rooster! Sign in Already have an account? Learn more Tell us what you think. I think i will have to sadly buy another PAIR and then i will at least have 2 hens. Closes: Thu, 29 Feb.

Chickens: February — September. Bantams: February — August. Ducks: February — June.

I am just too impatient and really don't want another rooster! Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Modern Game Bantams. No reserve. Irish mobster dodges law with escape to Thailand. Locations View All Locations. Ive used silkes as brood hens to hatch other breeds of chickens and ducks also. Send money globally, spend like a local. Register Log in. Silkie x Frizzle chickens.

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