go kart racing reno

Go kart racing reno

Go karting in Reno for an unforgettable time.

These are go karts on steroids. Go kart racing is the building block to most all motorsports. Go kart racing can take you to whatever form of racing you like. You will learn the racing fundamentals while having fun and building great relationships! Check this out to see why you should start go kart racing!

Go kart racing reno

Need 2 Speed is open 7 days a week for arrive and drive racing. Planning an event? Nothing brings a group together like the exhilarating rush of racing at Need 2 Speed. Kids love racing! Let us help you throw an amazing party for a birthday or other special occasion. Our packages include a party room, food, and racing! Easy and fun! Per Person. Check for Events and Closures. Our state-of-the-art electric karts offer numerous advantages, including:. Come experience our thrilling Italian electric karts today.

How to become a member Members get the flexibility of going to the track at go kart racing reno time to practice, and reduced race fees on race day. Check out the menu for getting started for more information about how to get into karting. There are many types of karts.

Your eyes will be wider than your head when you step into your electric go kart in this one-of-a-kind glow kart race! You want to be the first to race through all the checkpoints from the blacklight start at the beach to a glowing finish as you return. Beware of crocs in the swamp as you sprint toward the Lost Village and their tikis who will happily greet you…or not. If you are lucky enough to make it past the cobras without spiraling into the cave, your next obstacle is the waterfall as you enter the deep, dark caverns. There are surprises lurking around every corner, so choose your lines carefully.

Within 40 minutes to an hour away from you, there is an indoor track to host a party, an outdoor track for Kart owners, and even an outdoor track with rental karts! K1 speed located in Richardson is the most popular indoor go-kart facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. It is a popular venue to celebrate any special occasion such as a birthday or bachelor party, etc Group Events require prior booking. The karts are all-electric and their electric motors make up to 20 hp power, so can expect some serious pace in ideal conditions. Their Karts are advertised to be able to hit 45 mph. For competitive racers, K1 hosts leagues across all their centers for both adult class and junior class.

Go kart racing reno

Go kart racing is an awesome time for both kids and adults. Racing varies from state to state with indoor and outdoor tracks and different speed, age, and safety regulations per state. Whether you are looking to throw a corporate event, birthday party, or just have some fun with friends there are plenty of tracks to visit.

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I want to be the first to know about discounts, special events , and more! Book Waterpark Cabana. Go Karting Reno. Go karting in Reno for an unforgettable time. Northern Nevada Buy and Sell. Learn About Packages. There are several layouts of the track and plenty of races throughout the year to get the whole family involved. Track Layouts. A family fun outdoor go kart track. Digital by e-mail.

Vroom Vroom - get those drivers helmets on - it's time to feel the need for speed! You can race the family, or you can race the clock and try and compete against yourself! It's a great way for kids to gain self-confidence as they improve each lap.

Each class has a set of rules. Some of these rules are set by the club including a code of conduct and eligibility requirements for the end of the year awards. Classes and ages There is both an age group and a motor package that works for everyone. Membership applications can be found on the membership page. Sign In My Account. Digital by e-mail. Buy Waterpark Season Pass. They are produced in Italy and built for speed. Sign Up for News! Race into the week with a burst of speed! Media Swag. Go kart racers always want the sport to grow and become bigger.

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