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Jon begins his training with the Night's Watch; Ned confronts his past and future at King's Landing; Daenerys finds herself at odds with Viserys. Tyrion Lannister : So Yoren : Aye.

When Game of Thrones aired its series finale back in May , did you really think that was the end? That HBO would leave well enough alone? We're talking about last year's dispatch from The Hollywood Reporter , which revealed that Game of Thrones will get somewhat of a sequel series. According to the outlet, Kit Harington will return to the role that nabbed him two Emmy nominations in "a live-action spinoff series centered on the fan-favorite character Jon Snow. From a larger, Game of Thrones perspective, this marks what might be a change in direction for the franchise—meaning that we could see what happened to the remaining characters, as opposed to just watching the prequel series in perpetuity.

Jon snow saison 1

From infancy, Jon is presented as the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark , Lyanna's brother, and raised alongside Eddard's lawful children at Winterfell. Jon's true parentage is kept secret from everyone, including Jon himself, in order to protect him from those that sought the complete annihilation of House Targaryen. Jon joins the Night's Watch and is later elected as Lord Commander. As a result of several controversial decisions, such as allowing the wildlings to settle south of the Wall , Jon is murdered in a mutiny , but is resurrected by the red priestess Melisandre. Jon is declared King in the North. Later he pledges himself and his army to Daenerys, with whom he falls in love, subsequently abdicating his throne and being named Warden of the North. Later, Jon learns his true lineage from Samwell Tarly , revealing Daenerys is his aunt. A dragonrider whose dragon was Rhaegal , he fights in the Battle of Winterfell , during which the Night King is defeated and the return of the Long Night is prevented. However, when Daenerys lays waste to a surrendered King's Landing , Jon tries but is unable to dissuade her from more destruction and assassinates her to prevent further carnage. He leads the remaining Free Folk to settle in the thawing free lands. Ned Stark finds Lyanna dying after giving birth to Rhaegar's last living child, whom Ned then passes off as his own bastard son, "Jon Snow. Eddard Stark rode to war along with her betrothed, Robert Baratheon , to rescue his sister and avenge the deaths of their father and brother at the orders of Aerys II , the Mad King. Robert ultimately killed Rhaegar at the Battle of the Trident , effectively ensuring their victory in the war. After the Sack of King's Landing , Ned continued south in search of his sister and ultimately found her at the Tower of Joy in the Red Mountains at the border of Dorne. Ned and his companions engaged in a final fierce melee with the remaining Kingsguard, which resulted in the deaths of all combatants save Ned himself and Howland Reed.

We're looking at Jon trying to take control of Night's Watch and deal with the wildlings and the threat beyond The Wall.

In the novels, he is a prominent point of view character. He is one of the most popular characters in the series, and The New York Times cites him as one of the author's finest creations. Speculation about the character's parentage has also been a popular topic of discussion among fans of both the books and the TV series. Knowing his prospects are limited by his status as a bastard , Jon joins the Night's Watch , who guard the far northern borders from the wildlings living beyond The Wall. In A Clash of Kings , Jon joins a scouting party investigating the growing threat from the otherworldly " Others " beyond the Wall, and infiltrates the wildlings. Jon learns of their plans to invade Westeros in A Storm of Swords , and falls in love with the wildling woman Ygritte. Jon betrays the wildlings and Ygritte, returns to defend the Night's Watch against the wildlings' invasion, and is elected Lord Commander of the Watch.

By providing your information, you agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. We use vendors that may also process your information to help provide our services. In , Bloys stressed that the Game of Thrones spinoff concepts that would move forward would be the ones that are the strongest based on several measures. What would be exciting? What would fans love? Martin made news in June by confirming that Harington would reprise his Thrones role in a series about Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen. Other Thrones spinoffs reportedly in the works at HBO include a prequel focused on the reign of Aegon I Targaryen; a Nymeria-centric series; and a drama about Velaryon.

Jon snow saison 1

Ygritte gets her fill of teasing the uptight and noble-to-a-fault Snow before an intense scene of romantic embrace. Amid the political turmoil, backstabbing, and a looming supernatural threat of invading ice zombies, this intimate scene and episode were both well-earned and sincere for both characters — which makes the eventual tragedy hurt that much more. Seeing Jon at her mercy, yet reluctant to let the arrow loose was painful to watch and even more so when Ollie abruptly murdered her. It was another vintage brand of Game of Thrones heartbreak — and a new meta scapegoat for the fandom in the form of Ollie. However, an icy hellscape breaks loose when the Night King and his growing army decimate the town and its people in a riveting and gruesome battle. Hardhome expertly conveyed an overwhelming sense of dread of things to come, with the eerily quiet ending of the Night King demonstrating his power to Jon cementing that feeling of impending doom. Just as importantly, it was a thoroughly satisfying close to the story arc that started when the vile Ramsay Bolton rose to power.

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Upon arrival in the North, Jon and Daenerys, along with their combined forces, march through Winter town on their way to Winterfell. Ned treats Jon as much like his other children as propriety and his honor will allow. Later, as Stannis prepares to leave Castle Black for Winterfell with his army, Jon thanks him for his help, promises him he will have his ships back, and watches Stannis depart for Winterfell to take his childhood home back from the Boltons. The Halfhand tells Jon that the rest of the men were killed while they searched for him. Along with the cast, the literary world's most relatable procrastinator , George R. Daenerys asks Jon what the Northern lords loyal to him will make of this. Sophie Turner Sansa Stark. Davos states that he wasn't asking the Lord of Light for help, but Melisandre herself. She increases his sympathy and empathy for the Free Folk and convinces him to betray his vows to the Night's Watch; most importantly, she shows him the meaning of true love, altering his worldview and leading him down a different path. However, Jon is torn between his vows to the Night's Watch and his loyalty to his family after learning of Ned's execution and his half brother Robb 's march south for justice. Jon arrives at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and heads out with a ranging party consisting of Tormund, Jorah Mormont, Gendry, the Hound , Thoros , Beric Dondarrion , and a few others on a mission to capture a wight. In the Narrow Sea, Jon wakes to find Daenerys sitting at his bedside. Grenn is amongst the casualties, and Jon tells Sam that all bodies must be burned.

From infancy, Jon is presented as the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark , Lyanna's brother, and raised alongside Eddard's lawful children at Winterfell. Jon's true parentage is kept secret from everyone, including Jon himself, in order to protect him from those that sought the complete annihilation of House Targaryen.

Meanwhile, Theon resents Jon for being bastard-born but treated better than him by Eddard. The wildlings are successfully repelled, although Ygritte is shot with an arrow and dies in Jon's arms. He then warns her that if she uses her dragons to melt castles and burn cities, she will be just the same as those before her. Archived from the original on April 25, This is obviously a big deal, the death of Jon Snow. Daenerys later has Varys executed for treason. Played by Kit Harington across all eight seasons of the acclaimed show, Jon is Ned Stark's bastard son who leaves Winterfell in the show's first episode to join the Night's Watch. Daenerys confides that the people of Westeros love Jon more than her, that all she has here is fear, not love. Jon praises Bran afterwards for keeping his composure. Though his feelings are clearly reciprocated Ygritte is still angered by his betrayal and shoots Jon three times with her bow as he flees from her. Though greatly tempted by the prospect of becoming a true Stark , Jon ultimately chooses to remain loyal to his Night's Watch vows. Rickard [a]. Jon is described as having strong Stark features with a lean build, long face, dark brown hair, and dark grey eyes.

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