kia carens estate review

Kia carens estate review

However, Kia is no longer the price-focused brand that it once was, and there are cheaper rivals available. Founded inKia has an interesting history.

By proceeding, you would have read and agree to our important contents in About and Disclaimer. Tested July Bumper consist matte black anti-scratch material between a shorter and lower mounted aluminium-looking plastic piece as the very bottom. An indicator lamp mounted side mirror and a chunky door handle adds to the appeal. Windscreen wipers operation are from centre bottom to the sides, creating a larger wiping area improving visibility in the rain.

Kia carens estate review

I have two kids and therefore space can, on occasion, be an issue for my family, especially in the car department. Prior to having our first child I was an avid saloon driver, but after just a few weeks I realised I needed more space in the boot department. Since moving on from a saloon car I have found myself becoming more of a day dreamer about estates and MPVs. This week I test drove the new Kia Carens, and straight away it started ticking the right boxes. The model I test drove was an amazing black colour, which in my view makes every car look good. Interior As a five-seater this car is very spacious. The boot is extremely sufficient for a growing family. Three adults can easily fit in the back seats. I can vouch that there is ample room for two baby seats and if there is need for more this car has five-plus-two seating meaning that if you want seats 6 and 7 in the very rear you can easily pull them up from the boot area. Seats 6 and 7 are great for kids but you would be pushing it to get adults especially of my size in there. When these two extra seats are up space is hugely affected but they can be taken up separately if the space is needed. The front and rear cabins of the Carens are nice places to sit in and the raised seating position in the front is extremely comfortable. To drive All Kia Carens come with a 1. This Carens is fuel efficient. For a car with a 58 litre tank you should expect to get a lot of kilometres under you tyres after a fill-up.

More information about our Cookie Policy. Looking to buy a Kia on finance but confused by all the options? Insulation is good for the most part too, although some diesel clatter can be intrusive.

The Kia Carens is the largest car the manufacturer offers and comes with seven seats as standard. Passenger space in this type of car is a high priority and the Carens is decent if not class leading — the Grand C4 Picasso is more spacious. However, the boot is on par with rivals and has some clever storage areas. Driving the Carens is confidence inspiring, safe, predictable and as a result quite unexciting. The basic Carens is truly basic — low quality plastic interior, no alloy wheels, but you do get cruise control, remote central locking, air-conditioning and Bluetooth phone connectivity — all essential for family life. Kia has got the Carens pretty much right. For a more in-depth look at the Carens, look at the interior , practicality , driving and specifications sections of our review over the following pages.

The Kia Carens achieved 94 per cent for adult occupants, 76 per cent for child occupant protection and 64 per cent for pedestrian protection. The Carens also scored 81 per cent for safey assist equipment which includes a lane departure warning system along with Electronic Brake force Distribution EBD , which apportions the level of braking force to each individual wheel according to load and Emergency Stop Signalling ESS that warns following cars the driver is making an emergency stop. Designed with one of the longest wheelbases in its class, Kia Carens practicality is more impressive than ever. Although a five-seater version is sold in other markets around the world, all UK-spec cars are fitted with seven seats as standard arranged in three rows. There are two conventionally positioned seats in the front. There are three equal-sized seats on the second row, all able to slide and fold independently of each other and including ISOFIX child seat mount points.

Kia carens estate review

Available new from: January - October If you're looking for a Kia Carens you will definitely want to know all about every aspect of the car — and Parkers has all the spec details you need to know how it will fit into your life. Check out the full details and compare with rival models on these pages. Home Kia Carens Specs Estate specs 1.

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Maximum power. Kia Carens. Whether you need personal finance for the family car or business finance for a company vehicle we can help get you a deal designed just for you. Indeed, much that is on here is available on the more expensive trims, such as a panoramic sunroof. A large piece of piano back trim stretches across the dash, while the audio and climate controls are clear and simple. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. All in all the Kia Carens Diesel Estate is a more-than-acceptable large family car. This score is awarded by our team of expert reviewers after extensive testing of the car. Next post. And with the large distances I travel, it needs to be comfortable as well. Five adults can sit in relative comfort, while the extra seats are great for two more kids. In the event you are keen in looking to get this car, or any car for that matter, we will gladly assist you in finding the best possible unit. Previous post. The suspension is a bit firm, but it at least means that body lean is kept in check.

Excellent, With great features. Safe and comfortable seats including 3rd row.

Enable All Save Settings. The dashboard is easy to live with. The Kia Carens has taken everything in its stride, from holidays packed with kids, camping gear and our dog, to long-distance trips for photoshoots loaded with my camera kit. However, the 2 model adds alloys and woven cloth seats. The smaller model develops bhp, while the bigger model develops bhp. Maximum power. What's not so good Dull to drive Can feel underpowered Not very exciting. This score is awarded by our team of expert reviewers after extensive testing of the car. Simply because its wheelbase is longer. The space inside is superb, while the little touches make a big difference. The roofline is also high, which means headroom is good. To drive All Kia Carens come with a 1. However, the steering lacks feel and becomes overly light once you pick up the pace. The suspension is a bit firm, but it at least means that body lean is kept in check.

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