Male weight gain stories

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Thought I would make a master list of all my stories, for convenience. Beached : Nick gains a new appreciation for the beach after seeing a very large yet strangely familiar figure. This story follows his transformation from slim young man to hefty chub. Lifeguard Off Duty : In this multi-part collaboration with gainerstories, former lifeguard Bradley faces big temptations at his new office job, and soon finds himself in a losing battle with the bulge. But those perks come with some unintended consequences. Amenities : As he tries to recreate an unforgettable night from his past, married businessman Nate discovers that the universe has much larger but equally steamy plans in store for him.

Male weight gain stories

ModecaiSnow Welcome! Make yourself at home. Profile Navigation ModecaiSnow. Home Gallery Favourites Posts About. This story contains themes of: extreme weight gain, slob sweat, gas, belch, messy eating , personality changes, near immobility. Thank you! They met on an online forum for people looking for roommates, and they both were apartment hunting in the same area and seemed to hit it off well with each other. James, a year-old college graduate got his first job as a clerk at a large law firm. Bruce, on the other hand, was a year-old streamer who spent most of his time in his room, spending hours on end playing video games. The two did get along well, but they did spend most of their time apart. James began to open it, immediately getting smacked in the face by a powerful, fetid gust of warmth. The skinny boy fanned the air, gagging softly under his breath. His headphones tightly covered his ears.

Never had James thought that it would take several minutes to just walk down a hallway. Romance and realism?

Looking for a gainer story? On this page, you will find the complete catalogue of original stories from Feeder86, alongside a useful description. Simply click on the title of the story you would like to view for it to open up in a new window. Happy reading…. A matter of taste: What has happened to Jack?

Don't make me stop Big League Chew! Connor's unhealthy morning habits. Contrast: Fizz by alterctrler, literature C. The sound of an aluminium can tab opening has been a familiar noise for as long as you've been alive. Still, you're almost shocked that I even dare to open this can of soda.

Male weight gain stories

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Log In. Remember Me. He flipped the fluffy comforter off of himself before sitting up on the edge of the bed, cool air sending goosebumps down his skinny arms with his bare skin now exposed. The scent of sugar grew stronger with each step. He rounded the corner into the kitchen and there, still in his flannel pajama set, with an apron over top, was Steve, setting a tray of cinnamon rolls down on the counter top. Silly little kink fic in which Steve has found his passion in cooking and it shows, while Eddie shows his appreciation for his newly soft form.

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Luckily, he has the perfect excuse to make sure that they get to spend more time together…. Secrets: Mark meets a guy he recognises from a gainer website. James could not take his eyes off his roommate. You can tell that others are careful about what they say around you, trying to be polite about how. He placed his hands on either side of the frame. James was always thin, but the contrast between him and Bruce made James look sickly, despite being a normal, healthy weight. Two, huge swaths of moob fat splayed across the top of his titanic belly. He rushed back to the window he entered from and stuck his head outside of it, gasping and panting for air. Then, draw inspiration from your favourites. His belly button was no longer rounded, but flat as rolls of fat pressed down heavily against it, it sagged off the side of the bed between his massive thighs. He pretended to hump the air, making his belly bounce and slap down against his lap. What he needs is a big stunt to pull in the crowds. Sheena remains rather blissfully unaware, until it's too late.

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Learn the patterns, study the tropes, understand the rules—then break them. What they need is some proper training… Shaking the stalker: As a twenty-eight year old retiring musician, Matt has never experienced the joy of a relaxed diet. With every bump and turn. Falling for a Feede r : Infinity : Growing with each passing day, piling on more and more pounds, Lucas no longer feels able to stop his dramatic tranformation. The glutton was huffing and puffing for air, sweating profusely as he worked up a sweat just eating and rubbing his belly. Summary : This is a bit experimental or weird , and maybe a bit predictable, but I had fun writing it. It was a 2L bottle of a thick, cold, unlabeled liquid. But this thanksgiving Jacob gains for than a few pounds. It contains themes of: extreme weight gain, obesity, realistic setting, mental changes, and light slob. Heavily Used Summary : This is a bit experimental or weird , and maybe a bit predictable, but I had fun writing it.

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