oculus developer hub

Oculus developer hub

Certain apps, games and experiences may be suitable for a more mature audience.

For a quick jump Meta Quest Pro. PICO 4 Enterprise. Millions of companies had to employ new ways to train, connect with, and retain their growing remote workforce. Extended Reality XR emerged as a creative and effective way of helping organizations meet these needs in an affordable manner.

Oculus developer hub

Oculus Developer Hub is a new PC program with features to make Oculus Quest development more convenient with fewer hassles. When developing for PC-based VR, testing a new change is near-instant, and by default you can see what the VR headset sees on your screen. Developing for standalone headsets like Quest is more challenging since builds need to be compiled and updated on the headset each time. Some of the functionality of Oculus Developer Hub is already available through the 3rd party app SideQuest. This was always possible, but required some setup. This makes multiplayer testing a nightmare, with devs using whatever objects they can find to trick the sensor. The Developer Hub finally offers a way to disable that sensor, so you can test networking between Quests much more easily. Leaving the Guardian boundary also causes the app to pause, so this should also be a big boost for convenience. Check your inbox to confirm! Sign up to get a weekly summary of the most important VR and AR news, straight to your inbox.

It has an icon that resembles 9 squares. You can log in using your Facebook, Instagram, or Meta account.

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Virtual reality developers are in demand. Learn how to become an Oculus developer with these four steps. Oculus was acquired by and rebranded to Meta. The name Oculus was officially phased out in Oculus now operating under the name Meta Quest is an industry leader in the virtual reality VR space [ 1 ]. In addition to its powerful hardware, the Oculus platform is home to some of the most popular VR games on the market, such as Beat Saber, Budget Cuts, and Blade and Sorcery. With Developer Mode, you can share your own VR content with millions of Oculus users worldwide [ 2 ]. The article below includes a step-by-step guide for creating and publishing your own VR application on the Oculus platform—no experience required. An Oculus developer or Meta Quest developer is a virtual reality game developer. VR developers use computer technology to create simulated digital environments.

Oculus developer hub

Get the essential desktop companion tool that streamlines Meta Quest development. Create more realistic mixed reality, interaction, and voice experiences. Provide user-created Meta Avatars to increase social presence and enhance VR immersion.

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No account yet? You may be offered financing options for your Meta purchases. A great example of this is if you have employee VR training. Go to community forum. You should now know how to enable developer mode on the Meta Quest Pro. Complete these steps:. More App Development. Edit this Article. Latest Articles. Open the Oculus Developer Hub app and click Continue. Click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner and select Unknown Sources. Earlier, we highlighted how downloading and uploading work.

Oculus Developer Hub is a new PC program with features to make Oculus Quest development more convenient with fewer hassles.

Friendly Support. To do so, click Download in the upper-right corner. Part 3. Part 1. Click Device Manager in the top left corner. Skip to Content. When connected to your computer, you should see a pop-up asking if you want to allow USB Debugging. Follow Us. Plug your Oculus Quest into a computer and put on the headset. See the steps below:. Trending Articles How to. Meta Quest Pro. The above steps only enable developer mode on Oculus Quest 1 and 2 that were purchased originally with Oculus for Business licenses. Then click the checkbox next to "I agree" in the lower-left corner of the pop-up, and click Submit in the lower-right corner. It's the first option in the Settings menu.

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