ruckus wireless admin password

Ruckus wireless admin password

Based on your local ip address, pick the correct IP address from the list above and click Admin.

Ruckus wirless M I have reset the devise but not accept User Name and Password and I have given default user name admin password Password but not accept the Password what is the problem. Can anyone help I have a Zoneflex and even after using the factory default reset cannot log into it using the default "super" and "sp-admin" that is in all the manuals and every website i have found, anyone have any others that might work its doing my head in now LOL. I also cannot log into my Ruckus even after factory resetting the AP. I tried using "super" and "sp-admin" without any success. Any ideas? I did a hard reset on my the AP.

Ruckus wireless admin password

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Viewing FlexMaster Management Status. Ruckus Indoor Access Point Release

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On the unleashed dashboard it shows I can add my switch to it. I upgraded the boot and firmware to I have check and confirmed the update is running on the switch after the reboot. I have also reset the switch to factory default as recommended by the ruckus. Please remember I am new to this I can SSH or serial into the switch but don't know much on how to navigate. Pls watch a short video on Ruckus Unleashed ICX switch management and monitoring using Browser UI, It seems like the Auto approval is disabled so you must manually approve each switch join request.

Ruckus wireless admin password

These usernames and passwords are key sensitive , please use capital letters where necessary. Normally, the default passwords will be found on a sticker on the inside of your media panel or cabinet, however, sometimes the default password is not always set correctly. We have compiled a list of the common passwords. Please note that these passwords are key sensitive. If this Wi-Fi network name or password doesn't work, has been forgotten or is unknown, you will need to reset your Wi-Fi access point to be able to set them back to match those on the sticker or to set new values.

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Setting Threshold Options. Unpacking the Ruckus AP. The default user name is super. Configuring Hotspot Service. Customizing Performing a Site Survey. I tried using "super" and "sp-admin" without any success. Setting Ethernet Port Type. Upgrading the Firmware Image. In Confirm New Password , retype the new password.


Removing a MAC Address. Connect router cable to your Laptop or Computer. Recommendation - It's best to use a wired connection while setting up the Ruckus Wireless router. Related Documentation. Pointing the AP to FlexMaster. Creating Walled Garden Rules. Contact Form. Package Contents. Ruckus Wireless Router Login. Resetting the admin password of most Ruckus Wireless routers is simple and requires pushing a reset button, located on the router itself, for 5 to 10 seconds. Resetting the AP to Factory Defaults. FAQ Brands. Viewing Current Internet Connection Settings. Rebooting the AP. Wow, that actually worked.

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