Safeway cake order catalog


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Safeway cake order catalog

In each Safeway store, the bakery department crafts freshly made cakes for customers to enjoy. The base price for a Safeway cake typically includes one of the standard four cake flavors, two frosting types, various frosting colors, and a free personalized message. Safeway shows how much they love its customers by providing them with a variety of options. If you pick specialized decorations, toppings , or cake fillings, the price will increase a little bit. Our article here will give you more details on Safeway cakes and other bakery products, such as prices, designs, and how to order. Safeway can decorate cakes with frosting, chocolate, fresh fruit, or candy. Some Safeway cakes come with plastic toppers that create an even more appealing design theme. It just depends on what you prefer. The cakes at Safeway come in many sizes, including round cakes, square sheet cakes, rectangular sheet cakes, and pull-apart cakes that separate into individual cupcakes. Since Safeway cakes are so customizable, the bakery is capable of making cakes for birthday parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, school graduations, and other special events. They also offer customized bridal cakes for your bridal shower party. Another option at Safeway is to select your own custom design. The price of a Safeway birthday cake may also climb a few dollars if it has any plastic toppers or toys on it.

The Safeway Bakery also produces fresh donuts with decadent icings and premium fillings. Grocery Phone.

Compare Products. Track price. Go to collections. Safeway Birthday Cakes Order Online. Safeway Birthday Cakes for Kids.

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Safeway cake order catalog

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Challah Connection. I am Maryann Nomann. They asked if I could give them a couple hours and what colors were my wedding. You do not have to pay for your order until you pick it up during your designated time slot in store. Contact Bakery Phone:. Safeway Birthday Cake. Simply place your order online and select a time slot to pick up and pay for your items at your local Safeway! Thanks to all that make this experience possible:. Birthday parties are also a great time to try out cupcake cakes. Wolferman's - Official Site. Clover Round Cake. You'll get 0. Honolulu , HI Product is added to compare already.

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Find a Location. Safeway saved my wedding and I still thank them to this day. Bring home a sweet treat for St. I usually order my cakes from safeway.. Shop Now. Another option at Safeway is to select your own custom design. Gourmetgiftbaskets Com. I have had some good fresh, moist ones and some that were dry and not fresh. How does Order-Ahead work at Safeway? Wolferman's - Official Site. Magnolia Bakery.

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