slime rancher gordo locations

Slime rancher gordo locations

Since the World Map is very simplistic prior to being unlocked using Map Data Nodes and this page uses fully-unlocked maps to pinpoint locations, it is recommended to activate each area's Map node first before proceeding.

For the unique Gordo Slime which appears every weekend, see Party Gordo. For the seasonal event-exclusive slime internally referred to as a gordo, see Twinkle Slime. Gordo Slimes are giant, stationary Slimes. They can not be directly interacted with nor can they be moved, but can be fed large amounts of Food to burst them. There are currently 16 wild Gordos in specific areas in the Far, Far Range. They may hold a Slime Key or reveal a Static Teleporter. Snared Gordos do not hold Keys.

Slime rancher gordo locations

Largo Slimes are combinations of two types of slimes. You will find these around in the game that have formed naturally, or you can create them yourselves. In order to create them yourself, you will need a slime of one type and a plort of another type. For example, by feeding a honey slime with a boom plort, you will create a Honey Boom slime, that will produce both a honey plort and a boom plort when fed. They also will have two favourite foods the same as the slimes that create it and would accept either foodstuff that the original slimes would have eaten, so a Honey slime eats fruit and a Boom slime eats meat, so the Honey Boom largo eats both fruit and meat. Largo slimes that eat a plort that it does not produce transform into the Tarr, the main source of danger in the slime world. The Tarr are hostile to absolutely everything, including yourself. They will consume other slimes and replicate when they do, leading to an almost endless amount of them. Due to this, they can potentially spawn anywhere at any time of day, and if one of those places is inside your Ranch, you could potentially lose all you slimes if you're really unlucky. However, they are weak to water, and during the day a single splash is enough to destroy them. At night they gain more health and require two splashes; the first will remove their rainbow colouring, and their ability to replicate, then the second will obliterate them. Another trick to getting rid of them in smaller number is to vac one up then fire it into the Slime Sea.

Much like all of Indigo Quarry there is an abundance of vegetables in this area so you don't really need to bring food with you if you don't want to. I also recommend you place your own custom teleporter in the general slime rancher gordo locations of this Gordo to easy to and from travel to the Glass Desert. To find this area, slime rancher gordo locations, you have to go almost to the end of the Moss Blanket, turn to the left after going through a hollow fallen tree and take the wooden path that goes close to the sea.

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Since the World Map is very simplistic prior to being unlocked using Map Data Nodes , it is recommended to activate each area's Map node first before proceeding, as this page uses fully-unlocked maps to pinpoint locations. Gordo Slimes are based off of slimes found near their respective areas of the map. Each Gordo eats what their normal slime diet is, with most requiring 50 units of food to pop. Using the slime's favorite food increases the unit by 2, making it possible to pop a Gordo using only 25 units of food. It drops 12 pure Hunter Slimes , a jar and uncovers a pathway to a cave area you might recognise in the Starlight Strand. It drops 12 pure Honey Slimes , a jar and uncovers a pathway leading to 2 Slime Gates each with a phosphor plort hole. The Ringtail Gordo requires 30 of any Food item to burst. It drops 12 pure Ringtail Slimes , one jar , and and opens a gate leading to the Rainbow Fields.

Slime rancher gordo locations

Slime Rancher offers a colorful world to explore and loads of little creatures called Slimes to catch. They can be found hopping around several different locations across Far Far Range. Slime Rancher tasks its players with creating a thriving ranch, where they must collect and breed different types of Slimes to help The Ranch prosper.

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Go right to the end of the path and look to your right. Current Wiki. I like to place my Drills in the area surrounding this teleporter when I am mining Indigonium. The result is that the slimes seem to merge together into a much larger slime that is seemingly incapable of movement. How to get Moondew Nectar in Slime Rancher 2. Explore Wikis Community Central. The second Gordo you should pop is the Phosphor Gordo which is found underground to the north of the Pink Gordo. Once it breaks into smaller Angler Slime it will reveal a water jet which can be used for easier access from the beach into the southern Starlight Strand area. The good news is that you won't need too many as this is also the Gordo Slime's favourite food. Go straight and you'll find another wooden bridge leading to the second Rock Gordo.

They're a manifestation of many slimes of the same kind that have come together and mutated into one huge and very hungry slime. Hence the name, Gordo!

It drops 12 pure Boom Slimes , a jar and uncovers a doorway. It's easiest to get here by heading north from the Crystal Slime, especially if you already have the water jet unlocked by feeding it. Look out for a small incline which leads to a hidden area to find it. Go to it and drop down. Explore Wikis Community Central. Also next to it there is a cave on it you can navigate. Getting the Gordo slime to explode can take a lot of food, but feeding them their favourite food will speed up the process. Jetpack over to that outcrop. Quantum Gordo. This will destroy any slime Tarr or not. When you come back the next day they will be grown up and you can then feed them to the Tabby Gordo. The Honey Gordo is on top of this wall, so you will need to jectpack up to it. Clean map. Largo Slimes Largo Slimes are combinations of two types of slimes. Location: Found on a high platform in between the first and second area of the Glass Desert.

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