the expecting wikipedia

The expecting wikipedia

A young woman awakes in the woods, naked and bloodied, with no memory of the night before.

The dark journey of a young woman down on her luck and pregnant under mysterious circumstances. Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Episode guide.

The expecting wikipedia

He's Expecting follows the story of "Kentaro Hiyama, an elite ad man, [who] suddenly finds out one day that he is pregnant. Fifty years ago, men all over the world started becoming pregnant. In Japan, there are roughly 40 reported cases a year. Kentaro Hiyama is a year-old advertising executive who has successfully marketed a new campaign for his client called UNIVE, which strives to have the public be more accepting of their looks. Kentaro frequents women, but always comes back to freelance writer Aki Seto who is after a steady job and whom Kentaro views as "mature". Following a night with her, Kentaro begins to feel sick. He vomits at work and goes to get a checkup upon which, to his astonishment, he discovers that he is 9 weeks pregnant. In denial, he hastily buys a pregnancy test which confirms it, before getting a call from his boss, Osugi, telling him that his campaign idea has been accepted, and that he does not have anyone to replace him. After speaking with her friend, Eri, who has had a baby, despite prior beliefs, Aki attempts to treat her cramps, despite the possible risk of not being able to have children. Kentaro decides to have an abortion, but needs consent from his "partner". He attempts to get in touch with Aki, whom he deduced is the mother, but she is busy and is further nervous around his boss who suspects something is wrong. Kentaro tells Aki about his pregnancy at her apartment. She is at first relieved that he wants an abortion, but a talk with a coworker convinces her the benefits of him having a child. When Kentaro tries to get her to sign the form, she tries to change his mind, but he refuses. Kentaro discovers that his meeting has been moved and Osugi has decided to give the project lead to Masato Tanabe who displays a slightly chauvinistic personality.

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Sign In. The Expecting Hide Spoilers. Predicable but entertaining to watch. Take it as a film and not a series. A little to gory but the acting was solid just lacked originality and script. Was this review helpful?

People can often experience a sense of loneliness when they have something going on in their body that no one else around them can truly understand. The Platinum Dunes and Dark Castle production features 11 episodes, with one new chapter premiering every day on the streaming service until this Thursday, October Green Mira Sorvino , Emma is initially unsure about whether or not she should keep the baby. Among other things, the actress discussed that she was immediately compelled to portray the at-times troubled protagonist in the thriller, as not only are there are so many unpredictable elements in the story, but she was also interested in working with Harron. I was trying to figure out where it was going, as there are so many different twists. But I was very thankful that they hired me, because I had a great time. So we wanted to make sure our communication, in terms of where Emma was going, was lined up.

The expecting wikipedia

A young woman awakes in the woods, naked and bloodied, with no memory of the night before. She soon discovers something seems terribly wrong with her body, which suggests a […]. She soon discovers something seems terribly wrong with her body, which suggests a very unusual pregnancy.

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Retrieved April 8, Although the scenes with her and the dad were solid and the acting between the leads were strong, this was one long build up to nothing. Use profiles to select personalised content. She and Rory Culkin were so great, they're both wonderful actors and so fun to work with. Kentaro tells Aki about his pregnancy at her apartment. He then tries to take him out, but Casey feels like he's being constantly watched and claustrophobic. November 10, And why even make episodes of 8 minutes duration, and not make a movie or short film instead? Sign In Sign In. Toggle limited content width.

She's having an on-off thing with the guy she works with and she wakes up in the woods, and knows that something weird has happened, and then very strange things start happening to her body.

They could have done so much more. Deadline Hollywood. April 8, Peter convinces Lizzie to let him stay, as the clinic suggests initially patients shouldn't be left alone. Watch The Expecting: That Night. Tomoko reveals to Kentaro that Eiichi's pregnancy was socially difficult for him and despite trying to have a decent life, it was too much for him and he ran away sometime after his birth. The production quality actually surprised me. But this series was really disappointing. Kentaro happily witnesses a young woman showing concern for a pregnant man on the train, revealing the public's changing views. Newsletter Sign Up. Why not just release it as a one off film ffs? Watch The Expecting.

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