Wok for electric stove

All products are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission, wok for electric stove. A lot of people ask me about how to stir-fry on an American stove—equipment that pales in comparison to the high BTUs that Chinese kitchens tend to employ. When your crummy electric burners can barely summon up enough energy to fry an egg, wok for electric stove can you possibly achieve what Grace Young called wok hei in her award-winning book, The Breath of a Wok?

A wok is a great pan for cooking Asian food. You might not know that it can do much more. Frying, sauteing, braising, steaming, stir-frying…you name it. Of course with all that cooking happening in your kitchen, you need a powerful stove. Gas stoves are ideal for cooking with a wok but we know not everyone has one. Use a flat bottomed wok on an electric stove rather than a round bottomed wok.

Wok for electric stove

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more. Laura Denby is a food writer and chef with six years of professional culinary experience. Jump to a Section. Although there seems to be a specific pan for every type of task, no cookware collection is complete without a wok. Woks are a versatile piece of cookware that can sear, steam, and stir-fry just about anything. Thanks to the shape of the sides, these pans are capable of holding large amounts of food at a time, and they can easily and thoroughly conduct high heat. Woks come in different styles and materials, and some are better suited to high-heat cooking than others. Some come with a nonstick coating and heatproof handle, while others are made from heavy-duty cast iron.

In this way, the specialist will help you to correctly select a wok diameter, material, handles, accessories, etc.

March 22, 5 min read. We love to use our woks to stir-fry all our favorite Asian dishes, and with its wicked heat distribution even the hardest veggies are never undercooked. While they usually sit over open flames, you can use a wok on electric stove-tops, too - though you'll need to use the right kind and make a few simple adjustments. Follow our guide below to find a wok for your stir fry, that will work for your coil or glass-top stove! Woks are some of the flashier kitchen tools that are totally fun to pick up, flick the wrist, and watch your ingredients fly around on, only to land safely again back in the wide-brimmed pan. Woks aren't just fun and games, though - their massive size allows foods to cook incredibly evenly, even at the hottest temperatures. There are numerous wok sizes, shapes, and material options on the market, and the right choice largely depends on the type of cooking surface you'll be using to cook.

Have you ever cooked with a wok? But I bet you have enjoyed a delicious Asian-style stir-fry dish made with this popular deep round-bottomed pan. Although it may be a brand new piece of cookware in your kitchen, the wok itself is not a new invention. It was already used in China more than years ago to cook meat, fish, noodles, rice, dumplings gyoza , and also vegetables. This oval-shaped pan is perfect for stir-frying, deep-frying, shallow-frying , steaming, and even roasting, but to make it work perfectly, you do need to use it over the gas stove. Cooking with a wok is different than using a regular frying pan or skillet.

Wok for electric stove

The wok is the most versatile kitchen utensil known for its even heat distribution and heat retention capabilities. This means your food is never undercooked, and you can steam, stir fry, braise, and fry food at a high temperature. Woks work on electric stoves like other cooking pots. The next part of the article explains what a wok is and expounds on the question, can you use a wok on an electric stove further. A wok is a flat, round-bottomed, high-walled pan resembling a frying pan. A wok has two handles a long and a short handle on either side, making it easy to toss veggies and other foods when cooking. Unlike a regular frying pan, a wok distributes heat more evenly. Woks are made from different construction materials and come in varying shapes. This is the most common wok type. A round bottomed wok is great for stirring and mixing, and their depth prevents spilling.

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However, keep in mind that it may scratch the glass surface of your stovetop. A stir-fry without the considerable magic that wok hei imparts is, to be honest, just a little bit sad. Thanks for your feedback! Spread it all around the surface of the wok. As you can see, a wok is not just a regular frying pan. Here are extra recommendations to follow: - If you are buying a wok for using on an electric stove, it is better to inform the vendor about the type of your stove. It means that you will also need to remove the remaining oil from a wok. Recommended products. If you are choosing cookware for an electric stove, it is recommended to select a wok manufactured of carbon steel. I was going to make this work. Therefore, heat the stove to about half of its maximum temperature, then place the wok. How to Cook with a Wok on an Electric Stove. We cooked fried rice and examined the texture of the rice at the end of the cooking process while keeping an eye on whether or not the eggs in the recipe stuck to the cooking surface. Therefore, after you finish cooking, it is necessary to take your wok off the burner immediately so that to avoid overcooking and even spoiling the dish. But every stove is different.

Woks are a valuable addition to any kitchen as you can use them to prepare stir-fries, fried rice, and other Asian recipes. You can also use them for charring food, steaming, searing, and much more. However, traditional woks have a round base.

It is essential to pay attention to this since cooking in a wok on an electric stove will require using it at maximum power. While the exceptional hand-crafted quality of its construction explains the hefty price tag, we found that its considerable weight and awkward handling prohibited its practical functionality and undermined its value. Keep in mind, however, that this material may require you to carry out the seasoning treatment more than once. And if you have a modern electric stove, it is not a reason to refuse the convenience and advantages of cooking with a wok. Frying, sauteing, braising, steaming, stir-frying…you name it. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information through cookies. While you can adjust to use your round-bottom wok on an electric stove-top with glass, they don't work so well on coils - we suggest making the swap and investing in a new piece instead of purchasing a ring and dealing with lower cooking temperatures. After this, heat the wok again taking into account the recommendation on gradual heating and add 2 tablespoons of the same oil. Add cold oil to the wok and gently lift and swirl the pan until it's fully coated. However, if you are going to use it with an electric stove, it is essential to remember that heating of a wok should be gradual. After just a couple of minutes, you should start to see ripples in your oil. While the Internet, the Yosukata blog, in particular, has a lot of information on seasoning a wok, regardless of the stove you have got.

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