spill resistant coffee mug

Spill resistant coffee mug

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After a decade of testing travel mugs, we still recommend the Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug for most people. It keeps drinks hot for hours, and its locking lid stays securely closed, even when you toss the mug into a bag. This mug offers the best heat retention, plus one-handed usability and a locking, leakproof lid, which makes it especially useful if you carry your mug in a bag or backpack. This bottle-cleaning set has a skinny straw brush and a looped detail-cleaning brush, which are all you need to keep your travel mug squeaky clean. The ounce Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug keeps beverages hot for hours, even in cold environments. It has a well-designed exterior, an easy-to-clean nonstick Teflon interior, and a foolproof lid-locking mechanism that you can operate with one hand. The mug is lightweight and slim, but it may not fit snugly in some cup holders.

Spill resistant coffee mug


The top of the mug is narrower than the base, though, to help reduce heat loss through the lid. Available in 9oz and 17oz sizes.


In my busy routines and hectic office hours, the one thing that always keeps me up and running is coffee. A hot cup of coffee keeps you energized and awake throughout the day. But from the second I open my eyes, it feels like I am in a rush. I am rushing to get ready, rushing to get to work, rushing to get through work, and rushing to get back home. And when I also grab a piping hot cup of coffee during this mad rush, what ends up happening? I spill my precious drink all over the place! So, what could be done to avoid this miserable situation?

Spill resistant coffee mug

We've been independently researching and testing products for over years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. We updated this article in February to ensure the information reflected current prices, features and more. Our top picks, based on testing notes from the Good Housekeeping Institute , remain the same. For many of us, coffee is a constant companion — and that means you'll want a trusty travel mug as you head out the door. Whether you prefer a piping hot cup from your drip coffee maker or single-serve coffeemaker , a refill at Starbucks or a dose of joe from your cold brew coffee maker , your travel coffee mug should handle it all without leaking. Fortunately, there's tons of options out there, including stainless steel coffee thermoses to keep your beverages cool and ones with straws for easy sipping.

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Exchanges are unavailable at this time. If the Zojirushi mug is out of stock: You might look into the MiiR Traveler , which in our tests kept drinks almost as hot and resisted denting just as well as our top pick. The ounce Purist Mover with Scope Lid insulates nearly as well as our picks and has a degree sip lid, which lets you drink from any side of the mug. Care Instructions. Welcome Fundraiser Supporters! How we tested. Unlike the Zojirushi model, this mug has no lock to secure its lid, but it never leaked in our tests. Corkcicle is helping us raise money for our programs. Midnight Navy. The ounce version comes in only one color navy , but our pick, the ounce version, comes in three navy, pale pink, mint blue. Welcome Friends and Family of the Lakettes! The set is dishwasher safe, and we found that it works well for anyone looking to remove gunk from travel mugs and other hard-to-clean items. When we boiled water and let it sit in this Stanley mug, the water took only three hours to cool to degrees whereas water in the Zojirushi mug took eight hours to reach that temperature.

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Welcome Montessori in the City Supporters! Welcome Touched by Type 1 Supporters! Shop About Us. Notify Me. We like it almost as much as our top pick. Made of stainless steel: Stainless steel is more durable than glass or ceramic and retains heat better than plastic. Length: 3. Leak and spill tests: We test mugs for leaky seals by shaking them upside down, dropping them, and carrying them in bags. We decided not to make it a pick because we struggled to decipher whether the sipping port was open or closed—which in turn led to spills. A spill-proof seal guards against spills should you drop the mug or knock it over; such seals typically incorporate a push button, like the one found on the Stanley Classic Trigger-Action. Thermoses usually lack the slim size and lid-design features that make travel mugs portable and convenient.

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