neutral summer nails

Neutral summer nails

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A neutral manicure just feels classier; am I wrong? However, even the prettiest of colors do tend to get a bit boring after a few months on rotation. While I will admit that some occasions call for going a bit over-the-top, the two areas that I believe should stay consistently classy and minimal are home decor and nail art. With the holiday season behind us, what better time to embrace simple and elegant nails? So, today I wanted to provide some chic and sophisticated nail art inspiration for the year ahead. All photos were found via Pinterest and Instagram and credited as best as I could; please reach out via email if your photo is credited incorrectly.

Neutral summer nails


Or, make like Zoe Kravitz and go for a delicate opalescent sheen. Want more beauty inspiration? Tiny red neutral summer nails dot each nail for a hint of romance to an otherwise minimalist nude set.


Are you looking for sophisticated neutral nails that you can recreate yourself? I hope that you love them as much as I do, and that you recreate at least one of these nail design looks. If you are not to the task of doing it yourself you can always browse these neutral nail designs for inspiration and take it to your local nail salon to recreate the look. Whether you are into fun rainbow nails , floral nail designs or monochromatic black and white nails you will love these creative and beautiful nail art looks that will inspire your next DIY mani. Save your favorite nail neutral nail designs on Pinterest for quick access later!

Neutral summer nails

When I was younger, I thought that brighter was better, but I now realize how well neutral colors withstand the test of time. Neutral nail colors are especially lovely. There are many different shades of neutral nails and different nude colors in general, depending on the season and occasion. Neutral nail colors come in a surprisingly wide variety of shades. You can easily break neutral colors down by looking at the main groups of neutral colors: white, beige, grey, black, brown, and blue. Some of these color groups will overlap for example, a warm, pearly off-white might have a hint of beige but these are generally the main groups that any neutral nail colors will fit into. Almost any neutral nail colors will work with most outfit pieces, so it can actually be pretty hard to choose. I like to start off by figuring out what neutral colors work best for the current season.

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Rebecca Norris. They're perfect for a birthday party or summer celebration. Neutral Abstract. Evelyn Lim is a nail expert with more than 18 years of experience. Use limited data to select content. Nude Half Moons. Anna Harris is an experienced fact-checker and researcher and a beauty writer and editor. Lateral Curves. Betina Goldstein is the queen of minimalist nails, and this milky mani further proves it. A classic creamy pink is the perfect neutral for everyday wear. Peachy tones fit squarely in the neutral nail palette.

Think ultra-glowy skin, fun, colorful eyeliners, and megawatt-bright eyeshadow. Looking for a more low-key way to get in on the warm-weather trends?

And yet, subtle nail art inspo can seem difficult to find amidst the slew of bold and beautiful designs out there. Anna Elizabeth. Rebecca is a contributing writer for Byrdie where she specializes in all things nails. When opting for nude polish, be sure to choose a hue with undertones that complement your skin. Neutral Abstract. Join our email list now! For short nails, opt for delicate designs that won't overpower the space. After all, as our nails grow out, the tips naturally turn whiteish in hue. Tag me in your favorite nail art selfie on Instagram, or comment on my latest post and tell me! With the holiday season behind us, what better time to embrace simple and elegant nails?

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